SKU: K13283



  • smoothing eye primer
  • fixer, long-lasting
  • hydrating protecting
  • ophthalmologically tested
Totally perfect make-up with this magic primer that makes the ideal base for make-up, smooths the eyelids and performs a targeted treatment action. Long-lasting Setting Action: it creates a film that makes make-up easier to apply, it enhances the colour and prolongs hold, avoiding the unsightly "crease" effect. Smoothing Action: it minimizes imperfections, skin blemishes and small wrinkles. Treatment Action: it moisturizes, protects and is totally comfortable. It is quick to apply, adheres like a second skin and dries quickly. Ophthalmologically tested. Available in a single beige shade.
Apply a drop of the product directly on the eyelid using the fingertips or the tip of a bristle brush before make-up. Then apply the rest of your eye make-up. It can also be used on its own for a natural, bright and smooth eye contour area.