Skincare is important whatever your age: identifying the right face cream can prove to be extremely useful, because it helps the skin stay hydrated, toned and radiant at all times of the day, giving you an even younger and brighter look.

Collistar has devised numerous face treatments, designed to respond in the most effective way to all your beauty and wellness requirements. You can opt for a face cleanser to gently remove make-up and impurities, or a moisturizing face cream if you want soft, smooth skin, or a moisturizing mask to revitalize and nourish the skin. Take a look at the special Collistar anti-age treatments to rejuvenate your face, combating the marks time leaves on it in an effective way and preventing wrinkles and other skin blemishes.

Collistar face creams and all the other treatments designed for you suit perfectly all skin types - normal, combination, oily or hypersensitive - providing tangible, long-lasting results. Discover the special Perfecta® Plus and Magnifica® Plus treatments, which together with the Collistar Sublime Black, Pure Actives, Idro-Attiva® and Natura lines will guarantee impeccable performance, for a perfect face whatever the occasion.

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