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  • ideal for the most critical areas of the body (arms, stomach, hips, legs, buttocks)
  • reshaping, smoothing
  • fast and easy to use under the shower
  • non-drip, fast-acting
In a unique product: •the efficacy and speed of action of a mud rich in active ingredients •targeted intervention on critical par ts of the body •the smoothing effect of a scrub •the convenience of treatment in the shower. SOS CRITICAL AREAS To ensure effective reshaping action on even the most critical par ts of the body (arms, stomach, abdomen, legs, buttocks), the product uses a concentrated blend of plant extracts, sea algae, sea salt, essential oils and clay mixed with precious thermal spring water from Salsomaggiore. All enhanced by the high osmotic power of mud, which promotes drainage of fluids and intensifies the functioning of the active ingredients contained in the product.
Spread mud over the areas to be treated, massage for a scrubbing effect, allow to act for 3 minutes and then r inse off with hot water under the shower. The warmth of the water, associated with the micro-massage of the shower water, stimulates capillar y circulation to intensify the efficacy of treatment. Use is recommended 2-3 times a week, more frequently on par ticularly critical areas. A slight tingling sensation and reddening are a sign of the activity of the product. Avoid contact with the eyes. Keep out of reach of children. The ideal way to boost the effects of Reshaping Mud- Scrub is use in combination with Collistar's Anticellulite and Slimming treatments.