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  • the sea salts exfoliate, freeing the skin from dead cells
  • the plant oils leave it soft and silky
  • the essential oils provide an intense feeling of energy and vitality
  • combines the benefits of thalassotherapy and aromatherapy
Unique and inimitable, this is the most widely sold scrub in perfumeries°. Much more than a simple exfoliating product, it represents a powerful revitalizing and restorative treatment for the skin of the body, using the beneficial properties of the sea (thalassotherapy) and those of carefully-selected essential oils (aromatherapy) to increase the effects of the exfoliation. The product owes its effectiveness to the synergic action of an exclusive mix of 90 types of sea salt with varying granulometries, expertly combined with a rich blend of vegetable oils and pure aromatic essential oils, which act both on the skin and through the sense of smell.
Suitable for all skin types, it leaves the skin incredibly soft and moisturized. Ideal: - before specialist treatments because it makes the skin more receptive - before exposure to the sun and self-tanning products for more even, longer-lasting colour - after tanning, as it quickly helps remove unattractive areas of peeling.