SKU: K25131



  • gently cleanses
  • re-energizes and revitalizes the skin
  • leaves the skin soft and velvety
The energy of the sea, the revitalizing power of essential oils and the embracing softness of shea butter. This exclusive specialty leaves the skin incredibly silky and transforms the shower into a beneficial beauty and wellness treatment for the body. Much more than a simple cleansing product, it is a natural and essential complement to the legendary Talasso-Scrub, the product that revolutionized the body scrub market, beating all sales records and becoming a household name on the international cosmetics market. The original body scrub and the new shower cream have one thing in common: they are both exclusive specialist products that make having a shower a delightful beauty and wellness experience. They both boast marine energy and the revitalizing power of essential oils, while the Talasso Shower Cream adds the enveloping softness of Shea butter and sweet almond, macadamia and kukui plant oils, present here in a concentration of 15% that is absolutely exceptional for a shower product. It is this soothing quality that gives this cosmetic product an extra edge and sets it apart from others on the market, making it very similar to a bodycare product in which every ingredient has been chosen for its outstanding nourishing, protective, soothing and elasticizing properties.
Massage on to the body and rinse off under the shower.