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Collistar sun products: creams and lotions for perfect protection. You can get the perfect tan with our line of sun creams, milk spray, mousse and balms: products designed and created to protect the skin from the sun in an effective and, above all, safe way. As many people know, exposure to UV rays stimulates excess production of free radicals, which are responsible for skin aging. But by using adequate sun protection, the skin is protected from aggressive solar radiation. However not all skin types react in the same way when exposed to the sun: to meet everyone’s requirements, Collistar has therefore designed sun products with low, medium and high protection, to successfully protect any skin phototype.

Discover the range of Collistar self-tanning products and get that perfect look during the hottest time of the year. Our self-tanning creams can be used on the face, legs and all over the body, for ultra-fast, stain-free results.

Don't miss out on the benefits of Collistar's aftersun creams, which fix and help the tan last longer, nourishing and soothing the skin with their specific moisturizing, soothing, refreshing and regenerating effects. Collistar sun products are also available in kits containing tanning balm, spray and milk.