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  • prevents, treats and combats unsightly cellulite
  • stimulates microcirculation and fluid draining
  • instant, long-lasting lifting effect
  • instant freshness and lightness
From Collistar Research, a new combination of active ingredients for a global anticellulite strategy. - Cold effect. Inspired by cryotherapy, the formula gives an immediate sensation of lightness, particularly in the legs. - Aromatherapy effects. The essential oils stimulate vitality and wellbeing. - Boosted lifting effect. A blend of plant-based alpha-hydroxy acids instantly lifts the skin and minimizes imperfections. Centella Asiatica combats loss of elasticity and ensures a progressive lifting action. - Boosted anticellulite action on the causes behind the problem: the buildup of localized fat and alterations of microcirculation. Two powerful active ingredients (Pink pepper and Caffeine) act on fat deposits at three levels, • limiting the formation of mature adipocytes (fat cells) • preventing new lipids from accumulating • helping get rid of existing fat. Draining, vasoprotective plant extracts - pineapple, horse chestnut and blueberry - combined with an innovative, flavonoid-rich fermented green coffee extract stop liquids from building up. Its unmistakable gel texture is light, fresh and quickly absorbed. For all skin types. * cosmetic against the imperfections caused by cellulite.
Use it if you have an orange-peel effect when you pinch the skin, heavy legs and/or fragile capillaries. Use Cryo-gel after a workout session to optimize the effects/results or to decongest and lighten.
Apply the gel to the areas to be treated, using upward movements.