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  • helps drain excess fluids and reduce fat deposits
  • smooths the skin and firms skin tissue
  • makes the skin more receptive to subsequent treatments
  • 200 ml
From Collistar, the new frontier in dermo-cosmetic research: PURE ACTIVES to sculpt and tone the body. An exclusive two-phase concentrate combines Marine Algae and Peptides in a shock treatment for localized fat deposits. In the oil phase, 4 types of powerful, lymph- draining lipolytic algae help eliminate excess liquids. In the water phase, selected peptides reduce the buildup of lipids inside the adipocytes, helping tone the figure. The power of the formula is boosted by Transcutol, which ensures the active ingredients penetrate the skin. The ultra-sensory texture is absorbed in seconds, enabling you to get dressed immediately. When used regularly, the product •polishes the skin •firms the tissues •reduces fat deposits •makes the body look sculpted and remodeled. Effective by itself, the unique formula and massage action make the skin more receptive to successive treatments. SHAKE BEFORE USE. * cosmetic action that does not involve weight loss.
Use Two-phase Sculpting Concentrate before: - a workout session, to optimize the effects/results, to reshape the silhouette - other Anticellulite/Slimming treatments as a booster.