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An exclusive gift set created in association with The Bridge to combat wrinkles and improve plumpness and firmness. Inside, MAGNIFICA PLUS Replumping Regenerating Face and Neck Cream 50 ml + Replumping Regenerating Eye Cream SPF15 15 ml and a black faux-leather THE BRIDGE beauty-bag with laser decoration. REPLUMPING REGENERATING FACE AND NECK CREAM 50 ml Used daily, the cream reshapes the structure of the face and combats the problems typical of skin that is no longer young: wrinkles, loss of volume and firmness, and a looser face contour. Over the years skin moisture levels fall dramatically, so the formula is also enriched with hyaluronic acid, the definitive super-moisturizing ingredient. REPLUMPING REGENERATING EYE CREAM SPF 15 15 ml An innovative specialty that regenerates, repairs and restructures eyelid tissue, leaving the area around the eyes looking younger. Designed for mature skin, it is also recommended as an intensive regenerating treatment for all ages.