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An exclusive gift set created in association with The Bridge, for an instant sensation of wellbeing. Inside, Profumo della Felicità Aromatic Water 100 ml, Fluido della Felicità body fluid 50 ml and a red faux-leather THE BRIDGE beauty-bag with laser decoration. PROFUMO DELLA FELICITÀ 100 ml Body aromatic water - with Essential Oils and Mediterranean Extracts Happiness is a brief and precious moment of complete wellbeing, as unique as every woman. To these emotions and sensations Collistar dedicates Profumo della Felicità, Body Aromatic Water, a tribute to joie de vivre and the most radiant and complete femininity. The initial bracing notes of grapefruit and mandarin blend with the sweetness of lotus flower, the velvety tones of peony and the brightness of pink pepper and redcurrant. FLUIDO DELLA FELICITA' 50 ml with Essential Oils and Mediterranean Extracts A velvety fluid that moisturizes the skin, leaving it soft, silky and delightfully scented. The regenerating action of essential oils and Mediterranean extracts is enhanced by the moisturizing and emollient properties of almond milk.