SKU: K25239



  • nourishes, hydrates and revitalizes
  • leaves the skin radiant
  • light texture, ideal for all skin types
This innovative ‘dry‘ oil is the result of Collistar Research, combining the nourishing and revitalizing action of Pistachio Oil with the perfecting action of a special plant extract that brightens the skin, leaving it looking perfect. Sicilian Pistachio Oil: a concentration of active ingredients. Less often used in cosmetics than other plant oils, Pistachio Oil is an invaluable aid for the skin's health and beauty. Collistar's unique selection is particularly precious as it is 100% pure and is cold pressed from premium Sicilian pistachios. It has an exceptional amount (around 60%) of essential fatty acids that provide the skin with extra moisturization, nourishment and suppleness. It also contains large amounts of moisturizing, revitalizing and anti-free radical vitamins A and E, as well as protein and mineral salts. Porcelain flower, for bright and perfect skin. To further enhance the skin's beauty, Collistar Researchers have added to the formula the oily extract of porcelain ower, named after its porcelain-like white petals. Besides the moisturizing and regenerating properties of its avonoids and phytosterols, this particular extract leaves an imperceptible film on the skin that has a soft-focus effect that refracts light, leaving the skin bright and visibly concealing imperfections.
Spray onto the body and massage gently to help absorption. Suitable for use all year round and for all types of skin.