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  • a moisturizing fluid for the body
  • leaves the skin soft, moisturized and pleasantly scented
  • enriched with a mix of natural extracts
  • ideal after a bath or shower
Light and velvety, this fluid leaves on the body a subtle film of scented pleasure and a wonderful sensation of silky softness. Perfect after bath or shower, it is the ideal daily treatment for taking care of your skin and making you feel fit all day long. While on one hand, in fact, its essential oils give a charge of energy, on the other hand it moisturizes and revitalizes the skin tissues with an exclusive mix of substances beneficial for the skin. A rich blend of dermo-functional substances (oils of jojoba and sweet almond, wheat germ protein, vitamin E, and extracts of ginseng and ginkgo biloba) nourish, moisturize and tone the skin, leaving it feeling wonderfully smooth and silky-soft. Fresh and light in texture, it quickly penetrates the skin and envelops the body in a subtle film of scented wellness.
Apply over the body, lightly massaging to help it absorb.