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- Vibrant body fragrance with citrus and aromatic notes
- Delivers a host of benefits thanks to softening, hydrating extracts of Italian Orange Blossom and Helichrysum
- Creates a feeling of energy and positivity
- Spray all over the body or just on the pulse points


A vibrant, luminous fragrance for the body, brimming with sparkling citrus notes as well as green hints of petitgrain, enhanced by a mellow bouquet of neroli, creamy ylang ylang and jasmine, melding into deep, aromatic touches of helichrysum and amber. Thanks to sweetening, hy...

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Discover the entire Benessere Neroli and Helichrysum line, and turn your body routine into a truly refreshing break - a treat for all the senses.

Make using the fragrance an unforgettable experience, and savor a moment of calm: first spray all over your body, then onto the palm of your hand. Breathe in and out deeply, and you’ll feel a delightful surge of energy and positivity throughout your body.