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In this exclusive set, Collistar is giving away a special size of the brand new Pure Actives Two-Phase Sculpting Concentrate, designed to be alternated with Intensive Abdomen and Hip Treatment Night for a reshaping and slimming strategy. _x000D_ INTENSIVE ABDOMEN AND HIP TREATMENT NIGHT with plant stem cells A specialty that uses the special night-time biorhythms of the skin tissues to reshape the abdomen and waistline. Extract of coralline Algae boosts the production of leptin, a protein which combats the nightly assimilation of fat. Echinacea stem cells help get rid of excess fluids. Hot chili pepper and menthol stimulate microcirculation and the natural mobilization of fat. Collistar’s exclusive Reshaping Complex acts on collagen and elastin fibers to firm and tone the skin. The effects are boosted by the special Micro-Patch® that releases the active ingredients gradually, prolonging the action all night. A slight tingling sensation and reddening are signs that the treatment is working. Wash hands after use. Avoid contact with the eyes. Keep out of reach of children.