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Operation good mood. Rule number one: dive into the glowing colours of Twist Ultra-Shiny Gloss and choose the shades that best reflect what you’re about. Rule number two: decide how you’re feeling and arm yourself with colour and a hint of irony. What shade are you today? Transparent pearl, nude, rosewood, magenta, orange, coral pink, cherry, baby pink… lips come alive and surge with colour. The stick’s creamy, silky tip is exactly like a lipstick and combines sensorial luxury with intense lip care. Create a sleek accurate look in a flash. Twist Gloss glides on, coating lips with a delicate, barelythere film that is bursting with colour and shine; pump up the intensity or tone it down as you please. The phospholipids in the collagen penetrate the membrane and create a three-dimensional web that increases the volume of lips over time so they feel fuller, plumper and firmer. For a perfect satin-like pout that grows smoother and younger as time goes by. At the same time, hyaluronic acid and other softening ingredients keep lips fully moisturized, soft and supple. Twist Gloss contains no talc or parabens.