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Gold in the sun! In this special Limited Edition, “Supertanning Water Moisturizing Anti-Salt” is enriched with unique multi-reflecting golden pearls to highlight the skin and make your tan shimmer with magical golden light. New performance for an icon: the first ever tanning water to appear on the market. Collistar’s revolutionary “iconic” product has now been redesigned with an even more luscious texture and an ultra-performing formula, combining distilled witch hazel and precious aloe milk for incredible moisturizing, soothing, anti-oxidant effects. Fresh, practical and wonderful on the skin: *accelerates and intensifies the tanning process thanks to exclusive Unipertan® complex *moisturizes intensely, combating the drying effect of sun, wind and sea salt *reduces the feeling of heat and removes the irritating sensation of salt on the skin *creates an instant feeling of freshness, softness and wellbeing. The special spray turns it into a hydrating, refreshing “shower”, particularly effective when the sun is hot or there is nowhere to shower after swimming in the sea. Perfect on its own or with a sun protection product to intensify the tanning process. As well as the body and face, it can also be used on the hair and is recommended with UV-A lamps to boost the tanning effect.