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An exclusive kit filled with multi-active treatments that combine the moisturizing effectiveness up to 72 hours of the exclusive Idro-Attiva Complex with the regenerating, antioxidant and detoxifying action of a selected Italian Peony extract. 1. 3 in 1 MICELLAR MILK face-eyes-lips 35 ml A unique micellar milk that instantly removes make-up from face, eyes and lips. It also tones, revitalizes and moisturizes the skin for an immediate and long lasting comfort. For all skin types. 2. DEEP MOISTURIZING CREAM 25 ml An ‘icon cream’ loved by millions of consumers. Its unique texture is unchanged, but its formula is now even more effective thanks to the Idro-Attiva Complex and an Italian Peony extract. This concentrated, rich cream strengthens and protects the skin and guarantees perfect hydration for up to 72 hours. For all skin types, including dry skin. 3. EYE HYDRO-GEL ice effect 5 ml It minimizes bags and dark circles in a flash and makes the eyes look rested and brighter, with the help of its innovative ‘ice effect’ texture. Its formula provides perfect hydration for up to 72 hours, smoothes fine lines and minimizes puffiness and dark circles. Ideal any time during the day to instantly revitalize the eye area. For all skin types, including sensitive skin.
1. CLEANSE: apply, with the help of a pad, MICELLAR MILK to remove make-up, pollution and impurities. 2. MOISTURIZE: apply DEEP MOISTURIZING CREAM for a perfectly hydrated skin up to 72 hours. 3. AWAKE: apply EYE HYDRO-GEL for fresh and rested eyes.