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This special set contains a FREE GIFT from Collistar: its inimitable Anti-Water Talasso-Scrub in special size. Two targeted products designed to be used together for an effective anticellulite routine: first exfoliate, to smooth and prepare the skin, then treat to combat the unsightly appearance of cellulite. 1. EXFOLIATING ANTI-WATER TALASSO-SCRUB exfoliating salts and cane sugar with spices and essential oils - 150 g A real SPA treatment, this inimitable specialty combines the benefits of thalassotherapy and aromatherapy with the anti-water and slimming power of a mix of draining and lipolytic phyto-extracts. Exfoliating: sea salts and cane sugar smooth and revitalize the skin. Anti-water retention, draining: the ‘sauna’ effect of the spices, the osmotic action of sea salts and the decongesting effect of horse chestnut and marine oak help create a slimmer figure. Slimming: coffee, ivy and green tea extracts fight the build-up of fat. Nourishing: andiroba, avocado, jojoba, macadamia, sweet almond, kukui and soya oils leave the skin soft and supple. Energizing: essential oils of chamomile, juniper, lavender, lemon, patchouli and thyme boost well-being and vitality. 2. ANTICELLULITE For all types of cellulite ANTICELLULITE* DRAINING GEL-MUD with Slim-Drone® Technology daily use • no rinse - 400 ml A specialty for daily use that combines the benefits of an anticellulite mud with the extraordinary efficacy of Slim-Drone®, a futuristic active ingredient that, just like a drone, heads straight for its target, striking at the heart of adipose cells. All conveyed in a unique no-rinse gel-mud texture that is instantly absorbed. Anticellulite slimming action Slim-Drone® encapsulates and releases a powerful lipolytic active ingredient - Coccoloba Uvifera extract - straight inside the adipose cells. Draining and detox action The white mud and the escin help draining interstitial liquids. *cosmetics against the imperfections caused by cellulite.