Dry Shampoo

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Do you want clean, light, sweet-smelling hair in less than two minutes? What you need is dry shampoo. Using it couldn’t be simpler. No water, no hairdryer, you just need a comb! After brushing the whole length of your hair, apply the dry shampoo evenly on the scalp and hair, taking care to shake the bottle well and holding it about 20 cm away. Leave the product on for a few seconds and then massage with your fingertips. To remove any excess product, just brush it out.

Collistar has created two different kinds of dry shampoo: one revitalizing and ultra-gentle, suitable for all hair types, and a purifying and volumizing shampoo, for combination and oily hair and hair lacking volume. When the magic effect of the dry shampoo wears off, it's time to wash your hair with your favorite shampoo!

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