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  • for all hair types
  • rich, enveloping, scented concentrate with 5 precious oils
  • 5 uses in one product
One extraordinary product, 5 different treatments for 5 different results: •shine •nourishment •protection •repair •anti-frizz action A magical blend of 5 precious vegetable oils. An exclusive combination of 5 precious vegetable oils and vitamin E, Sublime Drops is a valuable ally when it comes to the health and beauty of your hair. Thanks to its highly unique texture, rich and enveloping yet easily absorbed, it blends in perfectly to the hair fiber without weighing it down and leaves hair smooth, light and silky. Its delicate fragrance, rich in essential oils of amber, orange and vanilla, contributes to what is a moment of pure pleasure and wellbeing. For a ‘made-to-measure’ treatment, the quantity of product used can be adjusted according to hair type and circumstance.
5 different uses 1 Before shampooing on dry hair for a nourishing and intensive repairing treatment. Distribute from root to tip and over the scalp, massage in for a few seconds and then leave to act for around 5 minutes before shampooing. Adjust the amount of product used to your hair type and, in the case of dry and brittle hair, leave in place for longer. 2 After shampooing on wet hair that has been thoroughly patted dry to leave hair smooth and radiant, protect it from external agents and the frizzing effect of humidity, and to make styling easier and more long-lasting. Distribute right along the length of the hair and then dry. In the case of oily hair, only apply to the tips. 3 After styling on dry hair as a final touch for extra shine. Apply from root to tip or to the tips only with light touches. 4 Between shampoos on dry hair to restore luster, leave hair soft and facilitate daily styling. Apply from root to tip or to the tips only in small quantities. 5 At the swimming pool to protect hair from chlorine. Distribute evenly through the hair.


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