SKU: K26220



  • hydrating and nourishing mousse texture, non-sticky
  • guaranteed protection thanks to ultra-tested filters
  • suitable for face and body, both at the beach and in the mountains
Pleasure, safety and effectiveness for the perfect tan. All the pleasure and comfort of a soft mousse that pampers the skin combined with the safety of ultra-tested sun filters, and the effectiveness of a totally cutting-edge formula. An exclusive specialty that *moisturizes and nourishes intensely *protects from photo-aging and UV-A, UV-B and infrared rays *absorbs in a few seconds, is non-greasy and leaves the skin super-velvety. Suitable for the face and body, by the sea or in the mountains, it is water-resistant and the only thing left on the surface of the skin is an intense feeling of nourishment and softness. An all-round specialty whose formula also has a soothing and anti-age effect. It contains the line's usual active ingredients, such as Lutein, a powerful antioxidant that filters out the blue light that causes oxidative stress, Oleoyl Tyrosine, that speeds up and prolongs the skin pigmentation process, photostable UVA and UVB filters, combating sunburn, as well as two brand new active ingredients: Physalis alkekengi, which works on damage caused by IR radiation, preventing collagen from breaking down due to heat, and Luffa Cylindrica Oil, which makes the protective filters perfectly soluble, and therefore more active and effective, while nourishing the skin and preventing it from drying out due to exposure to the sun. Shake before use.