SKU: K21842I



  • fabric mask with special micromagnets
  • hydrates, stimulates skin cell metabolism, minimizes signs of fatigue
  • leaves the face looking relaxed and the eyes rested
Designed thanks to a futuristic technology, this face mask combines the effectiveness of Pure Active Hyaluronic Acid with the power of special micromagnets that stimulate the microcirculation and skin cell metabolism. • Moisturizes and lifts the skin • plumps and revitalizes • prevents wrinkles • combats dark circles, bags and puffiness • reduces signs of fatigue. It takes just 10 minutes to achieve perfectly moisturized skin, a younger face that looks lifted, and an instant feeling of freshness, relaxation and well-being. Perfect for all skin types.
1 Open the sachet, take out the mask and gently remove it from its protective layer. 2 Apply it over the face with the micromagnets facing the skin. 3 Leave on for 10-15 minutes, using any of the precious remaining product on the neck and décolleté. 4 Remove the mask and gently massage in any excess product.