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An exclusive gift set created in association with The Bridge, for irresistible eyes. Inside, MASCARA SHOCK Black, Non-Stop Curl and Volume + KAJAL PENCIL special size black and a black faux-leather THE BRIDGE beauty-bag with laser decoration. MASCARA SHOCK® BLACK non-stop curl and volume Sensual curls and defined volume for breath-taking eyes! This is the effect of the new Mascara Shock, fruit of Collistar Research which has combined the exclusive Lash Curl Complex®, a super complex rich in natural waxes and film-forming resins, with a special curved brush that acts like a eyelash curler with incredible curving power. Black Shock. BLACK KAJAL EYE PENCIL Intense and luminous, this kajal pencil gives the eyes an air of magical sensuality and is the essential accessory for today’s make-up. Soft and easy to blend, it may be used both on the inner rim and along the lash line.