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reduces reshapes firms

reduces reshapes firms

From Collistar Research comes a high-definition treatment combining effectiveness and a pleasant texture which is easy to massage. Multi-active formula: slimming, firming and perfecting thanks to the highly original combination of two substances used for the first time ever in a body treatment: Italian Spirulina Alga, selected in collaboration with the University of Siena, and Ganoderma lucidum, together with lipolytic and draining active ingredients, vitamins and soft-focus powders that have a filler effect, leaving the skin looking instantly even and perfect.Results •Redesigned figure •Reduced bulges and localized adipose deposits •Smooth, toned body •Firm, compact skin •Skin imperfections minimized. * cosmetic action that does not involve weight loss.

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Format: 400 ml

Rich, velvety and ultra-smooth, without being greasy, the cream's texture has been specifically designed to make it easy to massage in, to stimulate microcirculation, to help drain fluid and to boost the effectiveness of the active ingredients.After the first few applications, the skin will already appear smoother and more even. Then, with regular use, the results are even easier to notice: day by day localized adipose deposits and bulges are reduced, skin tissue looks firmer, more toned and more compact, cur ves are more balanced, and the figure is gradually reshaped.
Massage the cream in upwards over the body. It is non-greasy, so you can put clothes on straightaway. Used all year round, it's the perfect solution to keep the figure perfect.For even more effective results we recommend combining this treatment with: • Anticellulite** Slimming* Superconcentrate Night to be used during the night for round the clock treatment • S.O.S Critical Areas Firming Stick and reshaping Mud-Scrub S.O.S. Critical Areas specifically for treating the insides of the arms and legs, buttocks and other critical points on the body.

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(reduces reshapes firms)

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