SKU: K26023



  • soothes redness, repairs and protects cell DNA
  • prevents aging
  • for the face, ideal also for the neck, décolleté and hands
A regenerating and repair treatment designed especially for the skin of the face after exposure to the sun. Thanks to the synergy of stem cells of centella asiatica with a blend of valuable active principles, it protects the cell DNA and stimulates the self-repair processes of the skin, thereby preventing wrinkles and skin ageing. It also deeply nourishes and moisturizes the tissues, soothes reddened skin and gives an immediate sensation of comfort. Thanks to its soft, ultra-absorbent texture, the cream blends instantly into the skin of the face, leaving it extraordinarily soft and smooth. Used daily after exposure to the sun, it brightens the tan and makes it last longer. For this reason it is also recommended for use after returning from the holidays. Recommended also for the décolleté, bust and hands.
Apply to a clean face after any time spent in the sun. When used daily, it will make your tan brighter and last longer. Specifically for the face, this after sun is also ideal for other areas that are particularly susceptible to premature aging (décolleté, chest, hands).