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+ Anti-irritation shaving gel 150 ml + Black The Bridge Travel bag

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An exlcusive gift set created in association with The Bridge. TONING SHOWER GEL - 250 ml Much more than a normal shower product, this innovative gel is the perfect way to bring energy, freshness and treat the skin in one fast move. Formulated with ultra-gentle skin-purifying substances and enriched with precious plant proteins, it gently cleanses the skin, leaving it moisturized, soft, toned and supple. + ANTI-IRRITATION SHAVING GEL - 150 ml Specifically designed to reduce irritation and reddening, the gel’s innovative, lubricant-rich texture helps the blade glide more smoothly, making shaving a pleasant, precise and gentle experience. Protective and soothing action thanks to: Blackcurrant Oil, Black Sesame Oil and Liquorice extract. + BLACK THE BRIDGE TRAVEL BAG