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An exclusive kit containing: AFTER-SHAVE TONING LOTION with vitamins A and E After shaving the skin needs to be rebalanced. This low-alcohol content lotion provides freshness, moisturization and wellbeing. Its special formula with vitamins revitalizes, tones and protects the skin, leaving it fresh and soft all day long. Besides being used as an after-shave, it can be used at any time of the day for instant toning fresh effect. + FREE GIFT 2 complementary anti-hair loss specialties containing exclusive Trico-Densyl®, an innovative high-tech complex designed by Collistar researchers. The end result is a targeted treatment strategy that performs 6 actions: 1. Stimulates the germinative activity of the bulb cells 2. Prolongs the hair life cycle 3. Combats 5-alpha reductase enzyme 4. Reinforces the anchoring of the hair at the root 5. Improves microcirculation, stimulating the oxygenation of the bulb cells 6. Soothes the scalp. - ANTI-HAIR LOSS REDENSIFYING SHAMPOO daily use For targeted, specific cleansing. Helps prevent hair loss. Boosts the effectiveness of subsequent specialist treatments. ANTI-HAIR LOSS REDENSIFYING CONCENTRATE • shock treatment - trial size 6 ml Thanks to its highly concentrated precious active ingredients, it is the ideal shock treatment for an intensive attack strategy. The treatment can be repeated throughout the year, especially when the seasons change or in moments of physical or mental stress. •Cosmetic treatment which helps to prevent hair loss.