SKU: K29251



  • for all hair types
  • also suitable for sensitive scalps
  • multipurpose and multifunctional: it hydrates, protects and leaves hair bright, soft and light
An exclusive ultra-gentle shampoo combining vitamin E with the 5 precious vegetable oils used in the line, soothing chamomile extract and nourishing, hydrating hydrolyzed wheat protein. Formulated without SLES, particularly aggressive surfactants, the shampoo relies on delicate cleansers that will not alter the hydrolipidic balance of the hair. 5 results: 1. Cleanses very gently 2. Hydrates 3. Protects 4. Adds lustre 5. Sublimes the hair, leaving it feeling soft and light. Paraben free, SLES (Sodium Laureth Sulfate) free and nickel tested (<0.0001) formulas.
Massage into wet hair, lather with warm water, then rinse.