Lip Pencils

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Long-lasting, smudge-free lip contour make-up

20 colors available

Practical and versatile, the lip pencil has always been an essential ally for make-up. It doesn't just improve performance and the hold of lipstick, perfecting the lip contour and helping to define the corners, including the ones that lipstick alone can't reach, but it can even replace it.

The lip pencil makes an excellent alternative to lipstick: just apply it in small strokes along the entire lip contour and then blend in with the special brush. The waterproof formula of the Professional Lip Pencil provides excellent hold and keeps the lips looking perfect for a long time. Another 2-in-1 product is the butter-colour eye-lip pencil: on the lips it enhances the contour and intensifies lipstick, or gloss; on the eyes, it brightens them and makes them larger, highlighting the eyebrow line. The practical applicator makes it easy to apply on the upper lash line and on the inside, as well as under the eyebrow ridge.

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