SKU: K25264



  • long-lasting effective deodorant
  • effective soothing
  • rebalances the skin's bacterial flora
  • effective and safe
Adding by taking away. This is one of the approaches Collistar uses to look after the skin’s delicate balance. The skin is an ecosystem populated by millions of microorganisms that all have a specific function. This is why it needs special care. And this is why when it comes to deodorants, safety and protection are an absolute must. This version of the Multi-Active® Deodorant is the result of painstaking research that has led to the total elimination of aluminum salts, while guaranteeing effective, long-lasting deodorization, 24 hours a day. The new deodorant has a delightful new fragrance and is allergen-free. ZERO ALUMINUM SALTS, BUT THREE EXTRA HIGH-TECH ACTIVE INGREDIENTS. This specialty is boosted by three active ingredients, two antibacterial agents that prolong the deodorant’s effectiveness and allow the skin to breathe, and a natural prebiotic that preserves bacterial flora.