SKU: K21834



  • light, impalpable hydrating spray
  • hydrates and refreshes, prevents wrinkles
  • quenched skin at any time.
A genuine prêt-à-porter treatment. A unique Molecular Spray which is specially designed to deliver Hyaluronic Acid molecules. An exclusive treatment whose fine spray envelops the skin in an ultra-light film that leaves it moisturized, comfortable and full of vitality Ideal all year round, for all ages and all skin types • it moisturizes and lifts the skin surface • combats wrinkles and fine lines • stimulates skin cell metabolism.
Take it with you to work, to the gym and when traveling for an instant boost of moisturization. Ideal for refreshing make-up too.
Perfect by itself at any time of day, before Pure Actives Drops and Cream or your usual treatment to boost the effects, and on top of make-up to fix it in place. Hold the bottle around 30 cm from the face and spray on.