SKU: K26114



  • tanned effect: radiant, natural colour in just a short time
  • ultra-light texture
  • easy and practical to apply all over the body
  • hydrating, anti-age action
Incredibly fast and easy to apply, this innovative spray guarantees a perfect tan for the entire body. The spray may be applied in any position, in fact, to allow an even distribution of the product over all the body, including the areas most difficult to reach, such as the back and the back of the legs. Produces a glowing tan and, thanks to the addition of vitamin E, also performs a valuable moisturizing, protective and anti-age action. This is the ideal cosmetic to be used all year round and kept always at hand. Perfect in the winter months for restoring colour and radiance to skin suffocated by clothes and overcoats, it is absolutely indispensable in spring and summer, before the holidays and also after, to intensify and prolong the suntan. Light and ultra-practical, the spray is applied in seconds and absorbed instantly, making it possible to dress immediately after application. In an ecological compressed-air spray can made of aluminium and containing no polluting gasses.
For optimum results, use an exfoliating product like the Talasso-Scrub before applying
Apply 2-3 times a week after a scrub. Wash hands immediately after use.