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with Crystal Pearls


Twist Eye Shadow combines the light, silky feel of a powder with soft creaminess and feels absolutely amazing on the skin. Appeal to your more playful side with striking colours that subtly magnetize eyes, like diamond and gold coral, or fire up your look with more daring, on-trend shades like quartz, amethyst, jade, bronze, garnet and titanium.

Twist Eye Shadow coats eyelids with a dusting of ultra-radiant, long-lasting colour that blends in easily so you can create a transparent, natural look or go all out for more magnetic, intense eyes. Crystal pearls are added to a blend of soft waxes to create an amazing high shine finish and the rounded easy-to-use tip lets you apply shadow in a flash. This creamy shadow softens and moisturizes and also contains special spherical silicone particles and ultralight oils. 

SKU: 54

Format: 3 g

Ideal for women who love bright colours that are ultra-quick to apply and whose intensity can be adjusted, the Twist eye shadow blends in easily on the lids and combines the silky finish of a powder with the softness of a cream, making it uniquely comfortable.
Apply directly to the eyelids and rub in with your fingertips until you achieve the desired effect.
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with Crystal Pearls

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