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  • creamy, rich black mask to be rinsed off
  • purifies and detoxes the skin, frees pores from impurities and dead cells
  • pure, detoxed skin, fine, even texture, ultra-radiant complexion
Collistar Research has created a revolutionary mask with an astonishing 'black' consistency that works as an ‘activator of radiance and youth’. A high-tech formula and precious ingredients for unprecedented effectiveness. This totally unique and unrivaled mask is made with an exclusive ultra-technological formula containing precious ingredients that perform a powerful regenerating, repairing and detoxifying action, combined with Black Clay and Bamboo Charcoal that have specific purifying and absorbent properties. Rich and creamy, it works instantly, with an immediate dual action. 1.It purifies and detoxifies the skin removing impurities and dead cells from pores that prevent oxygenation and hinder the skin's renewal process. 2.It makes the face look sublime and bright with a spectacular light effect that revitalizes the skin and leaves the complexion looking perfectly radiant. As a treatment it also works quickly and in an extraordinary way thanks to its active ingredients: protecting and moisturizing Black Orchid extract, regenerating and firming White Gardenia stem cells, brightening and revitalizing hydrolyzed Black Pearl, and Carnosine, an ingredient that has a powerful repairing, antioxidant and detoxifying effect.
Apply evenly over the face and neck, avoiding the area around the eyes. Massage gently for a few seconds then leave for around 5 minutes. Remove using a tissue and rinse with warm water