SKU: K26126



  • works in under an hour, leaving the skin looking tanned, non-staining
  • contains Hyaluronic Acid that performs a long-lasting hydrating action
  • suitable for all complexions and all skin types
The perfect tan, all year round. From Collistar Research, creator of Magic Drops, the best-selling self-tanning product, comes an extraordinary gel with a light, melting texture that creates a radiant, even tan instantly - as if by magic. Instant effect. The exclusive formula contains DHA Rapid, a next-generation active tanning ingredient that speeds up the tanning process and guarantees natural, luminous results, without the risk of unsightly blotches. Hydrating Action. The unique combination of Hyaluronic Acid, the hydrating molecule par excellence, and a special active sugar that holds water within the skin and prevents it from evaporating ensures a long-lasting hydrating action. Comforting, silky and easy to apply, the gel is absorbed instantly, leaving skin soft and hydrated. Perfect for all skin types, including men’s skin.
For optimum results use the Magico Gel-Scrub Face before applying the product.