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  • individual pearls containing a silky clear serum
  • combat puffiness, bags and dark circles
  • reduced signs of fatigue, bright, fresh eyes
To combat unsightly eye contour area issues, a special, ultra-gentle Ginger extract has been chosen, specifically designed for the sensitive skin around the eyes. Thanks to its draining and anti-inflammatory proper ties, this extract combats swelling, bags and dark circles, reduces signs of fatigue, and leaves the area around the eyes looking fresh and bright. It is joined by Orchid and Gardenia extracts and Argan oil. Extraordinary long-lasting results Silky, rich and ultra-penetrating, the product leaves the eye contour area looking perfect, instantly smooth and spectacularly bright. Day by day it •stimulates the skin's repair processes •fights the damage caused by free radicals, pollution and the build-up of toxins •strengthens and revitalizes skin tissue •firms the skin •minimizes wrinkles and fine lines •reduces swelling, bags and dark circles. Perfect for all seasons and for all ages, they are the perfect daily treatment to always keep the area around the eyes looking young and smooth. They are also recommended when the skin is par ticularly stressed and the eye contour area looks dull, marked and lacking in tone.
In the morning and/or evening, twist off the top of the pear l and warm the contents between the fingers before gently massaging into the skin.