SKU: K26124



  • unique texture: concentrated delicately scented self-tanning drops
  • a deep, natural and bright tan
  • ultra-fast acting: it works in under an hour
  • non-staining
  • suitable for all complexions
  • 50 ml
Just a few drops are enough to produce, as if by magic, an immediate golden colour which, in less than an hour, becomes a deep and glowing tan, just like after a day at the beach or a UVA lamp session. Magic Drops owe their effectiveness to an exclusive formula which combines walnut shell extract with the innovative DHA Rapid, a new generation self-tanning molecule that halves the time the skin needs to acquire colour and guarantees a fast, natural and even result, without the risk of unsightly blotches. In addition, this magical ‘sun concentrate’ also contains exceptional moisturizing and anti-age properties in the form of vitamin E and a biotechnological derivative of corn, which envelops the skin in an invisible and long-lasting moisturizing film. Light, silky and delicately scented, the product is easy to apply and instantly absorbed, leaving the skin soft and smooth. Limited edition: Special price + 67% for free.