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An extraordinary Collistar product with an exceptionally concentrated, pure and effective active ingredient.The special ‘cream balm’ structure has been specifically designed to • optimize transmission of the Collagen to the tissue • strengthen the skin’s hydrolipidic balance • provide the skin with extra nourishment,elasticity and comfort._x000D_ _x000D_ Collagen. Providing genuine natural support for the skin, collagen is the most important of the proteins responsible for the skin’s compactness. Aggressive free radicals and the passage of time gradually alter collagen, slowing down production and causing the skin’s structures to ‘give way’._x000D_ Extremely effective in fighting skin aging and the formation of wrinkles, ‘Collagen Cream Balm’ has an intense and targeted action that • redensifies and recompacts the skin •combats loss of tone and elasticity in skin tissue • helps prevent wrinkles from forming and reduces existing ones._x000D_ No perfume, alcohol or colourants.