SKU: K13354



  • anti-age foundation
  • anti-wrinkle lifting action
  • medium-high cover
  • for all skin types, especially dull, lifeless skin
An instant ‘young effect’ foundation that guarantees an intense anti-age action, thanks to its precious energizing and anti-age active ingredients, as well as a special tightening agent, which smoothes out the features and fine lines and erases signs of tiredness and stress from the face. Soft and creamy, it glides over the skin and gives a silky flawless appearance to the complexion. Waterproof and with UV filter, it contains innovative microencapsulated pigments which guarantee a bright and natural colour that remains unaltered all through the day
It can also be used on other bases to revitalize colour and radiance
Apply in small quantities to the central area of the face, then apply to the sides