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  • silky serum with vitamin E microspheres
  • re-energizes the skin, protecting and repairing it
  • hydrated, revitalized and radiant skin
A powerful and universal youth essence that works like a precious supplement, providing all the energy needed to repair and regenerate the skin. A unique lightweight and moisturizing texture enriched by suspended vitamin E micro-spheres with antioxidant and regenerating effects. A unique formula that reawakens skin’s youth potential. The serum relies on a unique combination of two different Ginseng extracts that not only provide a powerful energy boost but also protect skin cells from damage caused by external aggression, including damage from blue light*, neutralizing its harmful effects. Hibiscus extract boosts the skin's self-repair capability, performing a global and complete anti-age action Hyaluronic Acid guarantees optimum levels of hydration and bolsters the skin's barrier effect. A true universal treatment: a must all year round, essential at all ages and perfect for all skin types, even sensitive.
Apply morning and evening on the face and neck, before your usual face cream.


10 colors available

21 colors available