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This special set contains a FREE GIFT from Collistar: its inimitable Anti-Water Talasso-Scrub in special size. Two targeted products designed to be used together for an effective anticellulite routine: first exfoliate, to smooth and prepare the skin, then treat to combat the unsightly appearance of cellulite. 1. EXFOLIATING ANTI-WATER TALASSO-SCRUB exfoliating salts and cane sugar with spices and essential oils A real SPA treatment, this inimitable specialty combines the benefits of thalassotherapy and aromatherapy with the anti-water and slimming power of a mix of draining and lipolytic phyto-extracts. Exfoliating: sea salts and cane sugar polish and revitalize the skin. Anti-water retention, draining: the ‘sauna’ effect of the spices, the osmotic action of sea salts and the decongesting effect of horse chestnut and bladderwrack help create a slimmer figure. Slimming: coffee, ivy and green tea extracts fight the build-up of fat. Nourishing, moisturizing: andiroba, avocado, jojoba, macadamia, sweet almond, kukui and soya oils leave the skin soft and supple. Energizing: essential oils of chamomile, juniper, lavender, lemon, patchouli and thyme boost well-being and vitality. 2. ANTICELLULITE For all types of cellulite PURE ACTIVES ANTICELLULITE* CAPSULES CAFFEINE + ESCIN shock treatment Pure Actives: Collistar innovation fights the unsightly effects of cellulite. The reducing effect of Caffeine + the draining effect of Escin for an anticellulite shock treatment. Single-dose capsules enclose the optimal dose of Caffeine and Escin in their purest form. The treatment begins to attenuate the unsightly ‘orange peel’ effect after first applications, reducing the effects of cellulite day by day. *cosmetics against the imperfections caused by cellulite.