SKU: K10688



  • contains a mix of restructuring and nourishing oils
  • long-lasting
  • intense colour, bright finish
  • flat brush
The exclusive formula of mirror effect Oil Nail Lacquer provides a shine and treatment effect like no other, thanks to its innovative full-bodied and high-cover oil texture that is also smooth and super-sensory. It is ultra-easy to apply thanks to the new applicator that is high-tech in every way. INTENSE COLOUR, BRILLIANT FINISH AND HIGH-TECH BRUSH The extraordinary formula releases full, bright colour as soon as it is applied, with a brilliant "mirror effect" like no other. To ensure the texture stays full-bodied when being applied, a tailor-made applicator has been designed - brand new for this brand new product - with 320 bristles that mean no streaks and optimal adherence. What's more, thanks to its flat shape and rounded tip that fans out over the surface of the nail following the edges perfectly, it helps prevent unsightly smudges and makes it easy to apply without making any mistakes. STRONG REVITALIZED NAILS The lacquer is an "infusion" of three precious oils chosen for their treatment effect: argan oil, jojoba oil and almond oil, regularly used to strengthen weak nails and nails that tend to peel. Argan oil is a reinforcer and packed with unsaturated acids and vitamin E: it strengthens the nail and increases its resistance to knocks. Jojoba oil has a remarkable restructuring effect: as its structure is very similar to human sebum, it is a panacea for brittle nail beds and dry cuticles. And finally almond oil - with its concentrated amount of antioxidant vitamins - which protects from oxidation, nourishes and remineralizes.



with extract of Sauvignon wine from Trentino