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after-shave + anti-wrinkle

after-shave + anti-wrinkle

An effective and complete daily face treatment in one fast stroke. A superb 2 in 1 product that immediately moisturizes and soothes the skin after shaving, revitalizingskin tissue and fighting wrinkles day after day. With its innovative formula and texture this exclusive specialty combines the soothing and anti-redness action* of aloe and chamomile and liquorice extracts with the anti-wrinkle effect of Speci'Men™, an elasticizing and firming complex specifically designed for men's skin. It is made even more effective by a complementary mix of revitalizing and protective vitamins and by a special super-moisturizing molecular system that provides perfect, long-lasting moisturization in a flash. Fresh, pleasant and enveloping, the product has an innovative micro-gel texture that absorbs in a few seconds, is non-greasy and leaves the skin toned, smooth and supple.

SKU: K28478

Format: 75 ml

• Revitalizes, moisturizes and firms skin tissue. • Reduces and prevents skin micro-wrinkles and signs of aging. • Provides an intense feeling of freshness and well-being. • Neutralizes irritation caused by razors, instantly soothing redness* and discomfort after shaving. • Protects the face from external aggressions.* redness caused by external agents.

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(after-shave + anti-wrinkle)

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