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  • light and melting sorbet-cream
  • normalizes sebum production, reduces dilated pores, matte effect
  • long-lasting rebalancing effect
Sorbet Cream: a new kind of cream. More than just a simple emulsion, it's a new grid structure with a surprisingly light texture that is easily absorbed and releases its precious active ingredients in contact with the skin for targeted treatment. Italian-made advanced technologiy and natural ingredients. The product's strong point is an active ingredient extracted from Fomes officinalis which has two functions: hydrating while refining and smoothing over the texture of the skin, attenuating dilated pores and giving the face a perfect finish. Excess oiliness and other flaws typical of mixed and oily complexions are kept under control by vitamins F and B6, acknowledged to have sebum-regulating properties, which act in combination with azeloglycine, an astringent and dermopurifying ingredient, to normalize sebaceous secretions and help restore the skin's hydrolipidic film. The matte-finish silky effect is ensured by special powders which absorb excess sebum. The presence of vitamin C+E complex, a combination of the top antioxidant vitamins, prevents formation of free radicals and aging of the skin. The overall effect is boosted by extract of blackcurrant from Tuscany, particularly valuable for oily skin for its wealth of flavonoids and tannins, substances with soothing and astringent properties.
Use it as a ‘matte-finish and sebum-balancing mask': apply a generous amount over the skin, and leave for approximately 3 minutes, removing any excess product with a cloth.
Perfect year round ‘Mattifying Sorbet Cream’ it is the ideal treatment whenever you want to offer your face a gossamer-light film of energy, treatment and wellness. Apply the product to the perfectly cleansed skin of the face and neck morning and/or evening, massaging gently to aid absorption. Its unique formula also makes it suitable for use as a ‘matte-finish and sebum-balancing mask’: apply generously to the skin, wait 3 minutes, or more if desired, and then wipe off any excess cream with a tissue.