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  • shock treatment to firm, redensify and recompact the bust
  • has a lifting, elasticizing and toning action
  • invisible under clothing, to be used once a week
  • ideal for all bust types
This Patch-Treatment capitalizes on the efficacy of Hydrogel-Technology, an advanced technology consisting of a hydrogel enriched with a concentrated mix of active ingredients that are gradually released into the skin, then through the skin tissue. The hydrogel is held between two layers: •the first layer is a protective film that is to be removed before use, which helps keep the active ingredients intact and in an optimum concentration until the patch is used; •the second layer is a very soft fabric that has an occlusive effect, helping the active ingredients work longer. Effectiveness. The patch works comprehensively on bust skin tissue thanks to a perfectly calibrated combination of: •plant Collagen, obtained from fermented soya, with a powerful firming, redensifying and recompacting effect; •Hyaluronic Acid for an instant lifting and elasticizing effect; •toning and antioxidant Ginkgo Biloba and Green Tea extract. The formula is also enriched with moisturizing and soothing Aloe Vera extract. Practical and comfortable. The patch is very easy to apply and adheres perfectly to the bust like a ‘second skin’, thanks to its special ergonomic shape specially designed to adapt to any bust shape and guaranteeing maximum comfort for all the time it is left on.
Effective on its own, it's perfect when used together with Pure Actives Collage + Hyaluronic Acid or Volumizing Oil-Serum Bust for even better results.
1. Remove the protective film. 2. Apply the Hydro-Patch Treatment on a clean, dry breast, pressing down gently to make sure it adheres perfectly to the skin. 3. Apply the second patch. 4. Leave on for around 30-40 minutes, then remove. It can be worn under your usual lingerie. The Hydro-Patch treatment is disposable and should not be reused. Not recommended for use during pregnancy or when breastfeeding. Effective on its own, it is perfect when used with Pure Actives Collagen+Hyaluronic Acid firming lifting Bust