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  • rich cream
  • speeds up skin cell turnover and protects from the sun's rays
  • revitalized, smooth, protected skin.
An extraordinary Collistar product with an exceptionally pure and effective active ingredient. The special ‘rich cream’ structure has been specifically designed to • optimize transmission of the Glycolic Acid to the tissue • strengthen the skin's hydrolipidic balance • provide the skin with extra nourishment, elasticity and comfort. Glycolic Acid. Extracted from sugar cane, glycolic acid is the ingredient most commonly used by dermatologists for peeling treatments. When applied to the skin, it frees the surface of the skin from the ‘dead cells’ which prevent it from breathing and slo w down skin cell turn-over. To make the treatment as effective, tolerable and safe as possible, Collistar Researchers have fine-tuned the glycolic acid concentration and pH and added mandelic, gluconic and lactobionic acid which have a gradual and non-aggressive exfoliating action. To make the cream totally effective and safe, the formula has been enriched with •Pentavitin®, a complex of natural sugars that has an extremely moisturizing effect •Zanthoxylum bungeanum extract, a plant used in Chinese medicine as a soothing medication •UV-A and UV-B filters. The result of the combined action of all these ingredients is a perfect skin treatment, which day by day stimulates skin cell turnover and renews the skin, helping restore it to perfection. No perfume, alcohol or colourants.
Massage in circular motions from the center of the face outwards, avoiding the lip and eye contours, and from the base of the neck upwards in the morning and/or evening. End by gently pressing the face and neck with both hands. THE PURE ACTIVES BEAUTY ROUTINEGlycolic Acid Rich Cream is an extraordinary product on its own, but it can also be combined with Glycolic Acid drops for an even more powerful ‘professional’ result, just like a real beauty center treatment. PHASE 1. Glycolic Acid dropsApply a few drops in gentle, straight lines from the center of the face outwards, avoiding the lip and eye contours, and from the base of the neck upwards in the morning and/or evening. To help it absorb, make ‘suction’ movements using the palm of the hands. PHASE 2. Glycolic Acid Rich CreamApply to the face and neck massaging gently into the skin to help it absorb. End by gently pressing with both hands. We recommend using both products as par t of the routine for four consecutive weeks, in other words for the same duration as the skin’s renewal process. The treatment can be repeated several times a year, leaving at least one month between each cycle .




perfect skin peeling


resurfacing smoothing


with hyaluronic acid, extract of green tea