SKU: K10547



  • long-lasting nail lacquer
  • shine-effect brightness, high-precision brush
The extreme and long-lasting brilliance of the new Gloss Nail Lacquer is sublimated by a special technology that guarantees a two fold effect: threedimensional plumping and gel effect. How does it work? First of all, it acts on the consistency of the product, making it more liquid for maximum ease of application. Secondly, it increases the saturation and brilliance of the colour by acting on the perfectly-balanced pigments, which are stabilized and maintained in suspension in the formula. From the very first brushstroke the nail is smoothed with a film of even colour, plumped but also extremely flexible, exceptionally chip-proof, does not alter over time and has a record drying time. In addition, a special filter protects against fading and yellowing. The brilliance and glossy effect produced are the same as those achieved with a semi-permanent enamel. Also very special is the brush.The concentration of bristles (350 in each brush!), together with its short, rounded shape, guarantees excellent loading and release of the colour and makes it easy to apply even for less expert users and those with shorter nails.
Shake the bottle then apply a layer of lacquer, after applying a base coat. The brush, with its rounded, high-precision point, makes it easy to apply lacquer to even the smallest nails. The secret to shaping the nail and modulating the colour lies in the brushstroke. One is all it takes for 100% cover that is more natural, or two for a stronger and more plumped look.