SKU: K29401



  • for weak hair prone to falling out
  • shock treatment recommended for use as an intensive attack strategy
  • redensifies hair fibers leaving hair thick and full of body
The ultimate shock treatment: recommended for an intensive treatment. Thanks to the high concentration of Trico-Densyl® and its transmission in a special matrix which boosts its effects, it quickly penetrates and provides the hair bulb and fibers with its precious active ingredients. It has a light texture which isn’t greasy and is instantly absorbed. It enhances the scalp’s freshness and well-being, leaving the hair soft, elastic and full. The treatment can be repeated throughout the year, especially when the seasons change or in moments of physical or mental stress. * cosmetic treatment adjuvant in the prevention of hair loss
Apply half of the bottle in small doses to the scalp, massaging gently. Do not rinse. It can be used on either damp hair after shampooing or on dry hair. We recommend using the product daily for 8 consecutive weeks.