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For him, an exclusive gift set created in association with The Bridge. Inside, Sensitive Skins After-Shave 100 ml + 3IN1 Shower-Shampoo Express 100 ml + Perfect Adherence Shaving Foam 75 ml and a super-handy multi-stripe THE BRIDGE travel-bag in recycled material. SENSITIVE SKIN AFTER-SHAVE 100 ml Anti-redness, extremely delicate and alcohol-free, this after-shave ensures maximum comfort for skins that are easily irritated by shaving. It neutralizes the harshness of the razor and calms redness and post-shave irritation. 3 IN 1 EXPRESS SHOWER-SHAMPOO 100 ml An exclusive specialty that in one fast stroke performs 3 different actions: •cleans the body•washes hair•moisturizes and softens skin and hair. This is thanks to the high-tech formula that is packed with hyaluronic acid, panthenol and ginseng extract. PERFECT ADHERENCE SHAVING FOAM SENSITIVE SKIN 75 ml This shaving foam has a two-fold action, combining the perfect shave with an effective skin treatment action. The innovative texture means it adheres perfectly to the skin, making it quick and easy to apply, allowing the blade to glide smoothly and ensuring the foam stays in place throughout your shave.