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Collistar is always there for women, bringing them beauty at every stage of their lives. This Special Maternity Set includes essential treatments that care for your body during and after pregnancy. 1. GENTLY CLEANSE TALASSO SHOWER CREAM nourishing revitalizing with sea extracts and essential oils The energy of the sea, the revitalizing power of essential oils and the embracing softness of shea butter. This exclusive specialty leaves the skin incredibly silky and transforms the shower into a beneficial beauty and wellness treatment for the body. Formulated without SLES 2. TREAT STRETCH MARKS PURE ACTIVES ANTI STRETCH MARKS CONCENTRATE ELASTIN + HYALURONIC ACID + COLLAGEN From Collistar the new frontier in dermo-cosmetic research: Pure Actives for treating stretch marks. An exclusive concentrate that combines the three essential molecules for firm, supple skin. Dual action: Preventive and Repairing When used regularly and constantly •it firms and strengthens skin tissue helping prevent stretch marks from forming •it helps reduce and soften the unsightly colour of existing stretch marks. Formulated using natural ingredients and free from •paraffins •mineral oils •PEG •silicones •colourants •alcohol •known allergens. Nickel tested (nickel <0.0001%). 3. ELASTICIZE THE SKIN PRECIOUS BODY OIL firms nourishes tones with saffron and ginger A rich, precious oil, that combines Collistar’s expertise with the properties of selected ayurvedic oils (sesame, neem and damask rose) to firm, nourish and tone the body. Saffron boosts the oil’s relaxing action, while ginger stimulates the microcirculation. An active vanilla extract creates a pleasantly warm sensation. Ideal for massage; can also be used on the face and hair. Nickel tested (nickel <0.0001%).